Plug and Play Wiring :

  • No cut oem wiring loom,No modification to oem Haldex controller needed

​​Full OEM functionality:

  • ​​Diagnosis is working with VCDs or any obd2 tester, no extra fault codes

OLED Multiple Dashboards (Multi Gauge):

  • RPM (Revs per Limit)
  • VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor)
  • CLT (Coolant Temperature)
  • IAT (Intake Air Temperature)
  • TPS (Throttle Position Sensor)
  • Steering Angle
  • Engine Oil Temperature
  • Etc.

Haldex Diagnose: 

  • Error Code
  • Feedback Position
  • Haldex Temperature
  • Etc.

  • Multi Switch Function (By Preset, Manual)
  • Rotary Multi Switch encoder (Extra option-future, will be available soon with an update)
  • Connect via Bluetooth with Android Application 
  • Compatible Android Versions from 4.4 until latest versions
  • Next Gen Android Application with frequently updates, Dashboard Real time fast Data, Preset, Advanced Tune settings, and more features
  • Custom Bluetooth PIN Code
  • Ultra-Fast Refresh Rate for Displaying Values (Android App and OLED Display simultaneously)

4 Preset Mode:

  • Off (Haldex Pump Off, for Burnout)
  • Stock (OEM functionality without modification)
  • Engage By Speed (Adjust Lock ratio by Speed points)
  • Manual (Lock to a desired fixed ratio)
  • Engage by Table (With feature Update)

  • Steering Angle Correction (Disable Haldex above Steering Point Angle)
  • Throttle Position Angle Correction (Disable Haldex below Throttle Point Angle)
  • Full Brake System Functionality (Handbrake, Brake)
    Brake Ignore Option

Standalone Function :
It can be installed as standalone controller to any car with haldex differential (compatible list)  

  • Digital inputs for RPM, SPEED, etc.
  • Analogue Inputs for TPS, MAP, etc.
  • Custom Map calibration
  • Custom TPS calibration

OBD2 Support (Autoscan and Initialize Protocol) (Fast and Easy Installation)

  • Option to select data received from OBD2

VAG TP 2.0 Protocol:

  • Option to select data received from VAG TP 2.0


  • 2 Parametric Output

​Example use:

  • Fuel Pump, Nitrous
  • Methanol ON-OFF, etc.
  • Methanol with pwm output will be available soon with an update (extra charge)
  • Option to add Boost Controller plug in Update with extra charge (1 output reserve)

Hardware :

  • Next Gen 32Bit Processor
  • Built-in Bluetooth Controller
  • Built-in Wifi Controller
  • Future Proof: Frequently Updates for Android Application and Device Firmware over Wifi

Τιμή στο κατάστημα: € 850.00
Τιμή στο internet: € 830.00